An Overview of Slots in Wrigley’s World

Oh, no, that’s not right; “It’s Wrigley’s World, it’s Wrigley’s world, it’s party time, it’s excellent.” Instead of Wayne Campbell’s and Garth Algar’s basement, players will explore Wrigley’s workshop, where the adorable goblin has a penchant for all things mechanical. Red Tiger is responsible for the development of the online slot known as Wrigley’s World. It’s a big change of pace from the studio’s recent work, with a custom gaming environment filled with Wrigley and other unique characters like multiplying wilds and Race Spins with a cool prize-win double-up function.

Wrigley’s everyday life takes place in a workshop, where he may tinker with a wide variety of devices while wearing protective eyewear. A claw mechanism swings on one side of the screen, while a humming wheeled machine operates on the other. Is this some kind of futuristic or alien planet? Where exactly are we? Wherever we are, Wrigley appears to be a jovial fellow, and his universe has the air of a place where anything made of metal or bolts may be given life.

Wrigley’s World may be played on any device, with stakes ranging from 10 pence to £/€4 every spin, albeit the greater the window size, the more immersive the experience. The significant volatility and possible rewards are consistent with the comparatively low maximum bet. Depending on strategy, players can maximize one of two potential value returns. The former is 95.72 percent while making normal wagers, while the latter is 95.71 percent when making purchases of free spins. The latter might be more alluring because it would effectively double any wins, but it would be unavailable in some regions.

The action moves to the center of the workshop, where a gaming panel with five reels and three rows has been set up. It offers 243 different chances to win, and it doesn’t matter where in a row the winning symbols fall, as long as they land left to right on the first reel. If you obtain five of the lower-paying 10-A symbols in a row, you win between 0.4 and 1.2 times your wager; if you get five of the higher-paying spanners, wheels, swirly things, or cups, you earn between 3 and 10 times your wager.

Slot Machines at Wrigley’s World

Wrigley’s World is a simple game where the wild symbol and the Race Spins bonus round with a double boost are the primary attractions.


The middle three reels are the only places where Wilds can appear. They usually come with an x2 ways multiplier when they drop, making them worth as much as 4 symbols. Up to five wilds can appear in a single spin, and they can replace any other symbol to create a winning combination.

As the Race Turns

Depending on how many Race Spins symbols are seen, a cash prize or a number of free games will be awarded. If you get 3, 4, or 5 scatters, you’ll win 5, 15, or 50 times your wager, respectively, and get 10 extra Race Spins. The bonus round’s starting payment is the sum of the scatters’ prizes. When a wild symbol appears during Race Spins, it is added to a meter beside the reels. When you get 5 wilds, the gauge fills up and the Double Boost feature activates, doubling your current win and awarding an additional 5 free spins. On the same spin that the gauge is filled, any wins will be added to the overall win amount and then multiplied by two. In the same bonus round, the gauge can be filled many times.

Finally, if available in your region, the Race Spins feature may be purchased by players for 70 times their initial wager.

Slot Judgment in Wrigley’s World

Visually, Wrigley’s World is unlike any other Red Tiger slot machine, yet some may recognize the graphic design from an older RT game called Mayhem. Both feature a dystopian setting in which society as we know it has collapsed and people make do with whatever functional components they can find and fuel is essentially gold dust. In that regard, it’s not unlike from Canine Carnage or the Nitropolis series. Perhaps Red Tiger is venturing into uncharted waters, especially in light of their last album, the similarly adventurous Ancient Disco. Wrigley’s World contained hints of Blueprint Gaming’s The Stash, so either that or it used a variety of freelance designers.

That is to say, Wrigley’s World contains a veritable milkshake of ingredients that appeared to be circulating in the casino game-creating environment at the time of publication. What makes Wrigley’s World better than its rivals, bearing this in mind? The whole concept is quite cool, and the artwork does a great job of reflecting Wrigley’s snarky personality in a dark, comic book style. Wilds that multiply wins in certain ways are a nice addition and help spice up what could be a dull base game. It didn’t have anything going on other than handing out meaningless victories, and that was the case most of the time. Wrigley, on the other hand, could put his foot down and really step on the throttle during free spins. The basic premise is to amass as many wilds as possible in order to maintain doubling your win from round to round. When the gauge is full, it also provides five more spins, which is really generous and gives you some breathing room to try to gather a few more cans. Under the correct conditions, this doubling of the total win proliferation effect may definitely go bananas, with a maximum win of 20,023.6x the stake.

Wrigley’s World was an unexpectedly impressive game in terms of both its visual style and its output. It boasts a distinct visual style that is well-executed and enjoyable, and its gameplay, while occasionally sluggish, has access to a healthy supply of nitrous gas that can be used to rev things up.