Gambino Slots Review: Play for Free and Get All the Action!

Many experts have predicted that 2020 will be the year of social gaming, and with this trend on the rise, Gambino Slots could be the perfect solution for players desiring a new adventure! Put real-money wagering and all casino expectations to one side, as this is a free-to-play, socially integrated, and unique Slots casino.



This will be well worth your time as Gambino Slots is a social ‘casino’ that has thrown the rule book out the window and adopted a completely different approach to market penetration and dazzling customers!


A summary of Gambling Slots

Gambino Slots is owned and administered by Spiral International (a subsidiary of the Israeli technology company Spiral Solutions Group), which acquired the site in 2017 but has been operational since 2015. Since 2017, they have enhanced and expanded the casino brand’s exposure, making it popular with players from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and, of course, the United Kingdom.


While this online Slots site began modestly (with a small collection of free-to-play games), it has consistently added two new titles per month and now has a portfolio of 100 original games. Unlike other online casinos, Gambino Slots markets to a new type of player: those seeking the excitement of a casino without the real money wagers and social integration across Amazon, Windows, iOS, Android, messenger, and Facebook; and players who want the ideal free-play site to practice playing casino slots before moving on to a wagering casino.

Gambino Slots Pros & Cons



VIP levels

Compete and ascend leaderboard rankings

Save your progress and gain access to additional levels and game content


No testing or audits of games (free-to-play website).

Gain More, Play More Bonuses and Promotions: Gambino Slots Review

As stated previously, G-Coins are required to play games and access levels. To acquire more coins, players can purchase them or take advantage of the numerous daily promotions and casino incentives.




Package of Gambino Slots Sign-Up Coins


New users who download and log in to Gambino Slots via social media will receive over one hundred thousand G-Coins to play immediately. However, at the first level of this site, only one Slot game is accessible; to activate more games and begin earning bonuses, you must spin the reels. Here are a few of the numerous ways you can increase your earnings and rank on Gambino Slots.




Spin the Daily Bonus Wheel at Gambino


Log in daily to turn the Gambino Bonus Wheel and leave your fate to chance. Epic prizes include tens of thousands of G-Coins, XP Blasts, Content Boosters, or an upgrade to the Mega, Epic, or Grand Bonus Wheel for even greater rewards, such as progressive jackpots!






Want to acquire additional complimentary G-Coins? Why not refer a friend to the casino and receive an additional bonus?




G- Reels Bonuses


Are you short on G-Coins? Then don’t worry, have patience, and every few hours you will be able to accumulate more points through the G-Reels function in the main lobby. Simply examine the bottom-center of the screen to view a countdown and the number of points you can earn when the counter reaches zero. If you’ve downloaded the app to play, you’ll receive notifications on your phone if you forget to keep a watch on this.




Join the Gambino Elite Club


Every user at Gambino Slots can be a VIP. There are nine membership tiers, commencing with Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, and Ruby; continuing with Diamond, Trillion Diamond, Royal Diamond, and Black Diamond; and culminating with the Gambino Walk of Fame as the highest tier. As you progress through the club’s tiers, you will receive greater player returns and essentially larger, superior, and “more lavish” account functions.


How does a Free-to-Play Social Site with Real Games operate?

Let’s disassemble it. Gambino is a site for free Slots play. To participate, you must acquire G-coins. You can acquire G-Coins in a variety of methods. For instance, new users will receive a welcome package, bonus coins will be released every hour, and daily logins will also yield rewards. G-Coins are used to play games (you win more when spinning Slots and can even send and receive coins from your pals).


As a new user, only one of the 100 Slots is initially accessible; the remaining 99 Slots must be unlocked in order to be played. To access various games and functions, players must level up using Content Boosters and XP Blasts scattered throughout the site; you can even move through a map collecting bonuses as you go.


It is not necessary for players to make in-app purchases of G-Coins, XP Blasts, and Content Boosters to play more and level up faster, but impatient players can do so if they choose, and strategic players drop by daily to accumulate bonuses. Also encouraging daily logins and heating up the action, contests and competitions keep players captivated. Additionally, the social integration of this app allows you to celebrate victories with friends and receive notifications from other users as you play.


How to Register for Gambino Slots

You don’t need to sign up for the casino in the traditional sense; simply download the app to your phone, tablet, or desktop and connect in with your Facebook account, and you’re good to go. By linking the app to your Facebook account, you can easily save your accomplishments.




  1. Download


Download the application on your smartphone, tablet, or PC.




  1. Facebook


Sign in with your Facebook credentials


Accumulate Your G-Coins


  1. Accumulate Your G-Coins


Get 100,000 G-Coins just for signing up!


Commence Playing!


  1. Commence Playing!


Explore their entertaining gambling machines with your new account!


Games + Applications

“Let Las Vegas come to you with over 90 slot casino games – fantasy, iconic Vegas, mythological, and holiday themes are all available at Gambino Slots!  The pinnacle of online slot machines!”


Gambino Slots Casino has a one-of-a-kind foyer that rewards you for playing its exclusive games. If you prefer your casino experience to include missions, Gambino is for you. The lobby is founded on an intuitive system that unlocks additional casino games as you progress. It’s basic. The more you gamble, the larger the casino’s foyer will become!




Game Play Experience


It’s all about the gamification experience at Gambino Slots. Your mission drives everything that you do. Now, fear not. This mission is unimportant. It’s all gambling machine entertainment. To activate additional games, you need only place bets on the currently accessible games.




90 Games To Experience


The Gambino Slots Casino features over 90 games. The number will increase in the coming months and years, so the mission to unlock all titles will also continue. Don’t be fooled into believing this is the world’s smallest lobby just because you only have one slot to play at first. Over time, the atrium expands and improves significantly.




Slots of All Varieties To Enjoy


The slot selection at Gambino is diverse, ranging from traditional reels to the most recent slot innovations. There are five-reel and six-reel options, slots with multiple paylines, dynamic bonus features, and outstanding in-game graphics animations to keep you immersed from the very first turn.


What Do Gambling Slot Games Entail?

You can expect the same high-quality graphics and features from Gambino Slots as you would from any casino Slot. You will continue to wager G-Coins on each spin and gain them as prizes. In addition, they include bonus rounds, free spins, re-spins, jackpots, and wild symbols, just like real money casino slots. In addition, Gambino Slots feature all the modern conveniences, such as rapid spin and max bet buttons, but the functionality for adjusting betlines and stake per spin is limited compared to a paid casino Slot. Consider some of the most popular titles available at Gambino.


  1. Buffalo

Prepare for multitudes of large wins in this regal classic slot machine: Buffalo. With features such as free spins, Torrid Spins, and multiple progressive jackpots, G-Coins will rush in for even more wildlife escapades! Enjoy the natural grandeur of the North American plains while playing free slots. Today’s success will be spectacular!


  1. Elegant Living

Luxury Living is a slot machine that focuses on the VIP lifestyle. This upscale slot game is laden with opulent symbols and bonus features for epic G-Coin payouts. Win a round of Diamond Respins to increase your odds of winning the Grand Jackpot! This is the game to play if you want an upscale slot experience. Get pampered with epic victories today!


  1. Royal Eagle

Observe your winnings ascend to new heights in Grand Eagle, a wildlife-themed slot game. Your epic wins commence with a wheel feature, multipliers, and jackpots. The Grand Spins feature transforms the slot from 1024 to 2000 ways. Explore the map to obtain additional rewards! This wild slot machine will keep you occupied and winning, so give it a whirl now!


Configuration & Navigation

The foyer at Gambino Slots Casino employs a user-friendly layout that emphasizes large game images and distinct theme designs. The slot’s theme is immediately apparent from the game image. Clicking on the game, however, opens up a page with screenshots and detailed descriptions of the bonus features. Because the entire system is mission-based, your lobby will never be cluttered with menus and icons. It’s just you, your mission, and a large number of unlocked and waiting positions.


Options for Payment at Gambino Slots

If you want to pay to play at this casino (which means you can access games faster, enjoy more site features, and level up), you must pay attention to the platform-specific payment options.


Using the downloaded Android app as an example, if you choose to make a purchase, Google Play will process the payment using the same payment methods registered to your Google Play account; if using Amazon, your saved payment preferences with Amazon are used; and if using the Facebook app, they process the payment (but you must input your payment preferences).


As the majority of Gambino’s transactions are in-app purchases using your existing secure payment method, you can rest assured that security is already taken care of and transactions are fast and simple.


Non-negotiable Casino Characteristics

There are a few items that are essential in a modern casino, whether social or otherwise. These are customer service, security, and mobile gameplay – the latter of which we have already established at Gambino Slots, but let’s examine it in greater detail.




Customer Service


As Gambino is primarily a free-to-play application, their customer service does not offer the same accessibility or quickness as a real-money casino. You can contact them via email contact form or their FAQs for rudimentary assistance (support options are located in the bottom right corner of the playing screen), but there are no live chat options.




Security & Safety


Due to the fact that Gambino is not a real-money wagering site (instead, it offers in-app purchases), the usual UK gambling regulations apply. This means that there is no RTP testing, casino licensing, or external auditing. The platform does offer standard SSL encryption to safeguard participants while they use the application. Given the lack of casino licensing and game audits, we caution players against wagering real money on this website. Remember, even if you decide to pay and purchase G-Coins, you cannot win actual cash on this free-play platform.




Mobile Casino


Gambino brings the excitement of Las Vegas Slots directly to your desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Gambino Slots is accessible via desktop Facebook and a downloadable mobile app, allowing you to carry it in your purse. Regardless of which platform you choose to play on, the experience is nearly identical, with identical bonuses and activities. In general, the platform can be a little unstable. While the gameplay is unaffected, the app may take some time to launch and you may experience some lag when navigating between areas and functions.


The app can be downloaded in a matter of minutes from Microsoft, Amazon, the iOS store, or Google Play (Facebook does not offer downloads, but live play is available for mobile and desktop users). You don’t need to register, just connect your Gambino app to Facebook to get social and save your game progress!


Our Conclusion – A Review of Gambino Slots: The Best Things in Life Are Always Free!

Gambino Slots is a very intriguing website and an intriguing wagering avenue to investigate. It capitalizes on key gaming trends such as social gaming, app integration, gamification, and mission-based gameplay. However, it is not comparable to a real-money casino because, despite the option to deposit funds, there are no rewards. This has allowed the developers to focus solely on fun, thrills, and excellent gameplay, resulting in a one-of-a-kind, free-to-play website that is not for everyone.


Gambino is ideal for players who like to be challenged, complete levels, and play for free, those who seek proprietary and exclusive gaming content, and even novice Slot players who want to learn more and experiment with games. It’s the type of app that you’ll want to connect into every day and continue progressing through, but it’s not ideal for extended play sessions because you’ll quickly run out of free G-Coins. If you intend to gamble online for real money, we suggest you visit one of our recommended real money casinos and make a deposit to receive a welcome bonus.


Gambino FAQ

Can I receive actual cash at Gambling Slots Casino?

No, Gamboa Slots do not offer any cash rewards. G-tokens, which are used as freeplay tokens, are always used.


Am I eligible for promotions at the Gambling Slots Casino?

Yes, it is possible to earn bonuses in the form of G-Coins. Daily logins and hourly promotions are just two of the many methods you can earn Gambino bonuses.


Offers Gambling Slots table games?

There are no table games available here. Gambino Slots focuses solely on slot machine gameplay. There are numerous varieties of slot machines available for play.


Can I acquire apps to play on my mobile device at Gambino Slots Casino?

Yes, the programs can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices, among others. You can also link the application to your Facebook account.


Does Gambino Slots Casino have a VIP program?

Gambino Slots does offer a VIP Club. You can advance through several status levels to experience greater bonuses and perks in your games.